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My Push2Talk radio won't power on, what shall I do?

Please check the battery contacts on the radio to make sure they have not been damaged. Please insert new batteries or charge the device. If the device still will won't power on and is within warranty, please return to your point of purchase.

My Push2Talk radio is new out-of-the-box and won't power on, what shall I do?

Please check the battery contacts, insert new batteries or charge the device. If the device still will won't power on please return to your point of purchase.

Is the Push2Talk series dust & water proof?

The TF3, TF4 and TF5 are not IP (ingress protection) rated but are designed to minimise intrusion. The TF6 is certified IP54 (protected from limited dust ingress & water spray from any direction).

What batteries can be used with the Push2Talk series?

3 x AAA batteries for TF3 (not included). 3x AA batteries (not included) or the NiMH Rechargeable Battery (included) for TF4, TF5 and TF6.

What is the battery life on the Push2Talk series?

An estimated 18 hours based on a 90-5-5 duty cycle. This will vary depending on the power source and usage.

How do I find the different functions on the radio?

Continue to press the menu button to cycle through the functions you would like to adjust.

What should I do if the icons on my radio keeps flashing?

Press the PTT (Push to Talk) button on the side of the device to reset it.

How do I lock the keypad of the radio?

Press and hold the lock button on the keypad. The lock icon will appear on the screen. Press and hold again to unlock.

What are the icons on the display of the radio?

The main screen displays the current channel, battery level and other functions depending on the device. When receiving, the RX icon will appear, when transmitting the TX icon will appear. For further information please refer to your user manual.

What kind of audio accessories can used on the radio?

Any reputable earpiece with a 2.5mm jack will fit the Push2Talk series.

Why do I keep hearing unknown conversations on my radio?

The Push2Talk radio operates on licence free channels, so other radio users may also be transmitting locally. You can change your channel to find free space, or set-up a passcode (CTCSS/CDCSS) on the TF4, TF5 and TF6 walkie-talkies. Only radios with a matching passcode will be heard on the device.

What is purpose of the USB port?

The USB type-c connection port can be utilised to charge the radio.

What is the ringtone button for?

The purpose of the ringtone is to alert the user to accept a voice call, often used before pressing the PTT and talking.

Why is the TX icon showing up on screen when pressing the PTT button?

The TX icon is confirming you are trasmitting (sending out a signal) on the channel you have selected.

Why is the RX icon showing up on screen when the radio is talking?

The RX icon is confirming that you are listening (receiving a signal) on the channel you have selected.

What is the communication distance on the Push2Talk series?

The communication distance will depend on the Push2Talk device, please see the product specification which stipulates the maxium distance achieved under optimum conditions. Due to the licence free regulations, device power is capped. 

Why am I not achieving the communication distance stated?

Communication distance will vary depending on the operating environment and conditions. The communication range will be lower in built-up urban environments, compared to open areas or on water where you will experience a greater communication distance.

Can I re-programme the frequencies on these walkie-talkies?

No, the default frequencies are applied by Hytera as the manufacturer to meet the licence free regulations.

Where can I purchase spare parts?

Unfortunately Hytera do not offer spare parts for the Push2Talk series.