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TF315 TF312

Box Contents

Tf315 Radios
2 x Walkie-Talkies
Tf315 Belt Clips
2 x Belt Clips
Tf3456 Lanyards
2 x Lanyards
Tf315 Manual
1 x User Manual



TF315 TF312


Yellow / Black

Frequency Band

PMR446 Licence Free GMRS/FRS

RF Power Output

0.5W 0.5W

Communication Range?

Communication Range

Range is the maximum distance two Push2Talk devices can communicate over. The range stated is calculated under optimal conditions, actual coverage varies according to terrain or operating conditions and is often below maximum.

up to 4km up to 2.5 miles

Channel Spacing


Power Source

3 AAA alkaline batteries
(Not supplied)

Dimensions H x W x D (mm)

125 x 48.5 x 27


80g (without batteries)



Operating Temperature

-10℃ to +50℃

Key Features

Voice Call


Use the PTT (push to talk) button to transmit a free voice call on the chosen channel. Release the PTT button to receive communication back.

Auto Squelch


The Auto Squelch feature allows your radio to automatically remove background noise to improve voice clarity during the call.

Keypad Lock


When your radio is not in use, you can lock the keypad to avoid accidental operation.

Battery Meter


Displays the current battery level.

Battery Save


When the radio does not detect any activity or operation for 3 seconds, it enters the battery save mode.



The Scan feature allows your radio to cycle through the available channels, stopping on a channel when there is a tranmission to receive.



 The monitor feature allows your radio to receive weak signals on the current channel.


  • 1 Call Tone
  • Keypad Tone
  • Talk End Tone
  • Low Battery Alert